Web design

When I started out in design, I worked exclusively in print. Mind you, I had a ZX84 when I was little, so I can remember a world without websites quite well thanks. However, over the last few years, I started working more and more on various websites, at first just designing layouts in Photoshop, and then gradually starting to put together sites myself.

Although a number of sites I have worked on are based in WordPress, I prefer hand-coding. It just puts me right in control of everything, and means I can express my designs exactly. What you see on the site is exactly (barring browser issues – thanks Internet Explorer) what I wanted you to get.

I can write html, css and php. So I'll start out most sites in Photoshop, or even sketching out by hand, and take the design all the way through to implementation. Whether it's online stores, sites for local businesses, or micro-sites for some heavyweight UK companies and people, I've got the experience and skills to deliver.