A potted history

Provender label

A new month and a new client. English Provender will be running a daily competition to win Le Creuset condiment pots, starting next month. As well as the on pack labels, I'll also be designing instore marketing and a microsite that will tie in directly to the company's website. All in store in October.

Sam Al-Hamdani 19/09/14

We got it all on film

SFS website

The next phase of the Millgate Arts Centre web development is now complete, with the new look and feel of the Saddleworth Film Society website now in place. With full information on the forthcoming season as well as links through to the rest of the activities in the Arts Centre, it should help drive more users towards this community hub. Yes, this is pretty much the same post as the Saddleworth Chamber Concerts Society post below. Yes, it's another part of the same project. And yes, I have just added in this playful bit of banter at the end to keep myself interested. Happy autumn (or whenever you are reading this)!

Sam Al-Hamdani 01/09/14

A concrete resolution

CRC website

Together with the delightful Anjl Rodee we embarked on a rebuild of this design for Concrete Raising of America. We kept it all very simple, for a client who wanted to be able to edit html files manually, with just a little background jiggery pokery to keep the file names looking nice an simple. Did I expect to spend my thirties selling concrete technology? No. Did I make the client happy? Yes. Fair does, I'll take that on a wet Thursday afternoon.

Sam Al-Hamdani 21/08/14

Downstream media

EIC downstream guide

A new client for me, and an interesting one. The Energy Industries Council - representing the different companies in the energy production and distribution industry across the world. Not usually my thing; strident environmentalist that I am, but I came up with the following deal. I charge 25% less for any work that promotes environmentally friendly production; and I've also offered myself out at a 25% discount to any EIC members who are green energy producers. Who knows whether it'll make a difference, but I figured if everyone who works with the green industry charged them 25% less for anything they do, it'd soon drive the industry forward.

Sam Al-Hamdani 06/08/14

Stage one

GEDS brochure

Another year, and another set of theatre designs to be done. The Geneva English Drama Society brochure is out now and has a pretty new cover to keep it interesting. Not one of the theatres that they use, but actually the rather stunning Theatre Royal in Margate, one of the oldest theatres in the UK, and somewhere everyone should go. But it certainly sums up a theatrical feel.

Sam Al-Hamdani 18/08/14

Concerted action

SCCS website

The next phase of the Millgate Arts Centre web development is now complete, with the new look and feel of the Saddleworth Concerts Society website now in place. With full information on the forthcoming season as well as links through to the rest of the activities in the Arts Centre, it should help drive more users towards this community hub.

Sam Al-Hamdani 18/07/14

Jack it all in

Mini label

Co-operative Food are proud of their Britishness, and this campaign tied in to that with Union Jack decal Minis, and Roberts Radios to be won. As well as the on-pack labels, I also designed a range of shelf barkers, and the campaign website. Yes, that's the entire campaign from start to finish. Yes, the whole kit and caboodle. I know.

Sam Al-Hamdani 14/07/14

We could be heroes

Heinz website

Yes, that is a salad cream in a super hero costume. What else would it be? As part of the latest Heinz sauces campaign, they teamed up with Lifestyle Instore to develop a campaign to give away Weber barbecues. As well as designing the on-pack labeling, I also designed abd built this website, which tied in to their campaign branding, as well as leading customers through to their social media sites.

Sam Al-Hamdani 20/06/14

Give me your answer do

Daisy Pulls It Off Poster

Daisy Pulls It Off is a wonderful comedy, and in fact one of the first shows I can ever remember seeing at the theatre. Very much in the theme of the classic St Trinians' movies, it's a cracking send up of jolly hockey sticks and boarders. And Wild Things Drama will be performing it this summer. So here's a poster. Tally ho and all that!

Sam Al-Hamdani 18/06/14

Centre of the community

Heinz website

Sam Al-Hamdani 01/06/14

Centre of the community

Heinz website

In the first phase of a rollout across four sites, I've reworked the website for the Millgate Arts Centre. The Centre is a hub for a range of community arts endeavours, including Saddleworth Players, Saddleworth Film Society and Saddleworth Concert Society. The site has been built on a new backend system, which keeps the information for all the sites located in one central database, meaning that all four sites stay completely consistent all year round. The other three sites will be updated over the next three months to run off the same system, with an updated look and feel complementing the new shared system.

Sam Al-Hamdani 01/06/14

Lost your bottle?

Bottlegreen Acacia microsite

You don't get more middle-class joy that when you see Bottlegreen products. It's like someone took Shloer and went to elderflower heaven. Something like that anyway. Back to the point - here's a microsite for a competition to win a weekend away at a Chapter Hotel spa. A match made in the best bourgeoisie heaven

Sam Al-Hamdani 22/04/14

Stuff and nonsense

Stuff poster

Dirty Laundry drama, with whom I work as an occasional artistic contributor, as well as designer, are developing their second show with the help of Oldham Coliseum. The show, Stuff – which if nothing else, has meant I have had to be less casual with my email titles – will be having its first showing there in May. The work will stay in development afterwards, and is set to tour later this year.

Sam Al-Hamdani 21/02/14

Moving house

Bag for life

Regular client Magpies' Nest, based over in Stalybridge, are moving store to a more prominent location, and to mark the occasion have commissioned an advertising campaign, flyers and new bags for life. The simple, elegant design riffs on the brand identity developed over the past year, and the bags should keep the shop in people's eyeline for a long while.

Sam Al-Hamdani 20/02/14

Bad puns ahoy!

Lea & Perrins

Two new campaigns going live shortly for Lea & Perrins Worcester Sauce - one in Tesco and one in Morrisons, with money off in each store. And, taking after my own heart, Lea & perrins love a terrible pun, with their strapline of Leasagne! It was very nearly spaghetti boleagnase.

Sam Al-Hamdani 17/02/14


Baby with the Bathwater

Some recent bits and pieces for the Geneva English Drama Society – GEDS - have passed my way. First of all, the poster for the forthcoming play, Baby with the Bathwater, directed by the lovely Viki Lazar. And moving on from that, a revamp of the society's play programmes and newsletter to give them both a more slick, professional feel.

Sam Al-Hamdani 12/02/14

Gal Pal Comedy Fest!


Just completed this logo design for Indianpolis' Gal Pal Comedy Fest - running throughout March, they describe it as "The combined powers of the women of comedy in Indianapolis will be something to behold! The ladies of ComedySportz Indianapolis, INDYPROV, and Defiance Comedy (among a few others) will be bringing you funny all through the month of March (Women's History Month, celebrating women contributing to society. Coincidence? Noooope.) in the form of improv, stand-up, sketch, music, and general merriment." I just made a logo.

Sam Al-Hamdani 27/01/14

Baby got Bach!


Stand up comedian and stand up fella, Greg Bach, came to me for a new website. So he got one. The Milwaukee based funny man wanted an easy to use website, which captured lots of different streams of information – news, blog, podcast, show dates, as well as videos, photos, contact details etc. So the trick was creating a site which captured all these streams and displayed it clearly. He's very happy with the results. Next up – a slinky mobile version.

Sam Al-Hamdani 17/01/14

Shot through the heart …

Schwartz Flavour Shots

Schwartz are running a campaign to promote their new Flavour Shots, and as part of the push, I have designed this label for a money off promotion in Tesco. Watch out to see it in stores soon.

Sam Al-Hamdani 16/01/14

To be Frank

Frank's label

Just completed this artwork for Frank's hot sauce, with this offer going live in Tesco stores across the UK soon. Just one of a number of similar offers that will be running in store soon for a range of brands, including Lea & Perrins, Schwartz and Amoy.

Sam Al-Hamdani 15/01/14

A core proposition

Tesco website

A simple little supporting website for this offer from Tesco to get a free pineapple corer with purchases. The labels went to press last month, but with the promotion due in store, this simple microsite has gone live today.

Sam Al-Hamdani 19/12/13

Making it a Happy Christmas

NRT ecard

As part of the Christmas season, I just did a simple little piece of animation, making the snow fall on this ecard for environmental engineering firm NRT.

Sam Al-Hamdani 18/12/13

Money off with Amoy

Amoy label

In the latest of a series of promotions for Heinz, I've just completed this design for a money off offer on Amoy sticky glazes. Just buy any promotional pack, and you get 40p off any Amoy sticky glaze. The first offer was on British classic HP Sauce. Keep your eyes peeled for more offers in the new year.

Sam Al-Hamdani 10/12/13

Great deals at Waitrose

Waitrose advert

In the run up to Christmas, Waitrose are running a series of adverts for their fresh fruit and veg, with a great range of prices on a whole range of products. I've just finished two more adverts for them - which will be running in Waitrose Kitchen magazine in the run up to Christmas.

Sam Al-Hamdani 15/11/13

Walk on the Wild side

Wild Things

Just uploaded the new website for drama school Wild Things. The site has been completely overhauled and rebuilt from the ground up. As well as a custom-built design and CMS, the site incorporates a new merchandise section, as well as a blog and productions sections. You can take a look here.

Sam Al-Hamdani 12/11/13

on my Todd

Sweeney Todd

Just completed a series of posters for local drama school Wild Things. Upcoming plays include Beauty and the Beast, Sweeney Todd, a showcase, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and James and the Giant Peach. As well as a range of posters, there's tickets for each play, and coming soon, a wide-ranging upgrade to the website.

Sam Al-Hamdani 12/11/13

It's a dog's life

Horace the dog

Something a little different to promote local jewellery shop Magpies Nest. Owner Liz Attenborough's pet dog Horace, a favourite among regular shoppers, is getting his own brand. I was commissioned to draw this illustration of the sad-eyed pooch to adorn specially made bags in the run up to the Festive period – and possibly beyond, if they prove successful.

Sam Al-Hamdani 05/11/13

Christmas veg for Waitrose

Waitrose adverts

Four new adverts designed for Waitrose, promoting their Christmas fruit and veg – celery, cherries and blackberries. Keep an eye on Waitrose Kitchen magazine to see them in the next couple of issues.

Sam Al-Hamdani 04/11/13

New campaign for Tesco

Pineapple tags

Just completed the artwork for a new campaign that will be in stores in Tesco shortly. Keep your eyes open for an offer on Tesco pineapples to get a free corer. As well as the tags, work is currently underway on a new microsite to promote the offer. The campaign is being run by marketing agency Lifestyle Instore.

Sam Al-Hamdani 30/10/13

Raising money for charity

Charity brochure

Off to the printers goes this brochure for regular client Magpies Nest. They're running a charity night to raise money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma research at Stamford Golf Club in Stalybridge on November 14th. You can still order tickets through the Magpies Nest website. The 16 page brochure was designed from scratch, plus all the advertisers had their artwork designed for free too - all in the name of charity.

Sam Al-Hamdani 29/10/13

New branding for Morada

Morada logo

Just completed the first round of brand identity for Oldham based property company Morada. They wanted a new logo suitable for letterheads, business cards and to let signs. With a number of established local companies in the marketplace, owner Gail Rees wanted something different. The name is taken from the Spanish for home, so the designs wanted to emphasise warmth, while at the same time having a gentleness. Autumnal colours run throughout the branding, while the logo has a modern simplicity.

Sam Al-Hamdani 28/10/13

Website live for ...Leave It To Me!

Leave It To Me

The new website for Chorley-based caterers and event planners ...Leave It To Me! has gone live, with a raft of updates to the old site, including a new gallery, more integrated social media, a new section for their recently-opened cafe, and more visible contacts. More updates to the site will follow.

Sam Al-Hamdani 26/10/13