So this is where I post little pieces of nonsense from around the world that catch my eye. Well, that's the idea at least.

Compliments of the house

We all need a good compliment now and again. Go and get yours.

Sam Al-Hamdani 08/02/14

Good question, great answer

When someone asks a good question, they sometimes get really useful answers. If you need a simplified website, this is a great resource.

Sam Al-Hamdani 16/01/14

Taking standards further

A big win for research and openness yesterday, when GlaxoSmithKline announcing significant changes to the way that they fund doctors and research. But more is to be done. Here's Ben Goldacre's open letter to the Government.

Sam Al-Hamdani 18/12/13

So familiar

A lovely little gif, which is so familiar to anyone in Britain.

Sam Al-Hamdani 10/12/13

Taxing at the transaction

It is crucial to balance out economic development to ensure a fair and equitable tax system. If companies want to operate in a market, they must pay tax fairly and squarely to help support that market. Which is why decisions like this are crucial if mutlinational companies are not going to become completely supranational, and end up destroying people's lives in the very markets they are trying to sell to.

Sam Al-Hamdani 03/12/13

Ornithology strikes back

I am in love with Waterstones. Even more. "Putting owls into commercial service will take years, because ... well it takes ages to train owls to do anything, and we only thought of it this morning."

Sam Al-Hamdani 03/12/13

Perfectly missing

Garfield without Garfield

Do you read the Garfield without Garfield comic strip. You really should, you know. As it describes itself: "Garfield Minus Garfield is a site dedicated to removing Garfield from the Garfield comic strips in order to reveal the existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle. It is a journey deep into the mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness and depression in a quiet American suburb." It's perfect.

Sam Al-Hamdani 18/11/13

Russell Brand's political ambitions

Sam Al-Hamdani 13/11/13

Kick bullying in the nuts


A wonderful piece by Brian Phillips of Grantland on why people need to be more aware of bullying and mental strain, particularly in places where being a man is seen as such a big deal.

Sam Al-Hamdani 08/11/13

Stay safe on the streets

Invisible Bike Helmet

This is a wonderful piece of design, and a perfect example of where design should meet engineering. It's a bit pricey mind, but it's still on my bucket list. Welcome to the invisible bike helmet


Sam Al-Hamdani 08/11/13


Witches head nebula

NASA released this picture of the witches head nebula. I see why they called it that.


Sam Al-Hamdani 04/11/13

Newsnight on a roll?

Sam Al-Hamdani 04/11/13

Talent or hard work

Fascinating insight from Mike Atherton on what makes you great.

Sam Al-Hamdani 02/11/13

Manchester needs to grow up

Interesting piece in today's Guardian about driving forward economic dynamism in cities outside London. Having seen the efforts people are making to drive creative industry in Manchester, I'd say the more support, the better. Take a look.

Sam Al-Hamdani 28/10/13

Sign up now

Everyone should sign this petition. The head of Europe's pharmaceutical industry body has threatened "a series of lawsuits" if the EU's medicines body goes ahead with its great plans to publish more of the clinical trial information it holds. The European Medicines Agency plans to proactively publish the Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) companies submit to it when they apply for a license. Researchers at Germany's medicines licensing body this week showed that these CSRs contain vital information about drug effectiveness and safety and that regulators and doctors need that information to make decisions about treatments.

The industry body thinks they can delay or stop the release of this information with lawsuits. We need your help to expand the AllTrials campaign and make sure the attempts to kick this into the long grass don't work.

Sam Al-Hamdani 11/10/13